About Your Organisation

An appropriate description of your organisation is a fundamental part of your funding application. Do not overlook this!

MODIFY AND TAILOR the description of your organisation to suit each each funding application.

This section provides a step by step process for building a portfolio of information about your organisation. 

Who You Are and What You Are About provides guidance on how to map:

  • Who your organisation is
  • What your organisation does
  • Why it matters
  • Why your organisation's resources, programs and services should be funded.

Your Vision, Mission and Strategy helps you develop your vision and mission statements and strategic planning processes. It provides useful tips about reviewing and up-dating your vision, mission and strategic plan.

Your Organisation’s Track Record will help you to:

  • Map key features of your organisation’s current and previous programs
  • Measure the outcomes of your programs and services
  • Identify your organisation's achievements and benefits.

Your Board, Staff and Volunteers are vital to your organisation's success. This section will help you compile information about your organisation's governance structure and staff roles, responsibilities, and qualifications to:

  • Ascertain gaps in and potential contributors to your funding strategy and activities
  • Assure funders that your organisation has the required expertise and knowledge to provide quality services and successfully execute your proposal.

Organisational Compliance will help you to identify your organisation's legal and tax status, quality assurance processes, and provides information about where to obtain further information about core business requirements.

You may have already prepared some of this information. Nevertheless, it is important to continually revisit it, and make sure it is up-to-date and readily available when you start to prepare a funding application.