Developing a Proposal

This section outlines how to develop a funding proposal which:

  • Meets the needs of your community and consumer groups
  • Is consistent with your organisation's vision, mission and strategic directions
  • Reflects the funding body's values and interests
  • Promotes their aims
  • Complies with the funding guidelines.

When developing your proposal, allow time to:

  • Become familiar with the submission process
  • Ascertain the funding body's priorities and requirements
  • Brainstorm a proposal to match:
    • The funding body's objectives
    • The community's identified needs
    • Your organisation's aims, goals and functions
  • Identify whether your proposal may be strengthened by collaborating with others

The following steps will take you through the proposal development process:

Understand The Funder: Highlights the importance of reading ALL documentation about the application process and the funder's objectives. Your proposal has to meet the funder's criteria. Contact the funder to clarify any matters.  

Designing Your Proposal: Explains factors to be considered and areas to be addressed when developing your proposal. This section helps you identify the problem, and describe your proposal, its outcomes and benefits. 

Identifying Opportunities for Collaboration: Increase your funding opportunities by collaborating with others. This may be a requirement to meet eligibility criteria or to strengthen your proposal. 

Identifying Risk: Identify and take steps to mitigate all risks which may be associated with your proposal. Activities and resources are provided to help you do this.

Setting Objectives and Measuring Outcomes: All proposals should specify the intended improvements and how these improvements will be measured. This section provides information about how to set SMART goals and develop an evaluation plan.