Identifying Opportunities for Collaboration

When developing your funding application, there may be opportunities to collaborate with other organisations and individuals to ensure you deliver optimal outcomes.

The decision to collaborate will depend on the:

  • Proposed solution/project
  • Funding application guidelines (see Organisational Compliance regarding eligibility criteria)
  • Funding body's expectations.

ALWAYS check the funding application guidelines to see if you are able to explore collaborative opportunities.

IF IN DOUBT, contact the funding body to seek clarification.

Choosing A Collaborative Partner

When identifying organisations or individuals for potential collaboration with consider if:

  • You share common ideologies, interests and ways of working
  • There is shared respect
  • You have clear expectations about what each organisation:
    • Brings to the collaboration
    • Hopes to get from the collaboration 
  • You have processes in place to work through potential conflicts (see Building Relationships).

Identify key people from your respective organisations and establish a small working group to:

  • Identify and allocate the key writing tasks
  • Assign a key person to coordinate the development of the funding application
  • Schedule regular meetings to review and dis
  • Assign overall responsibility to one person to submit the funding application.

The Building Relationships section also contains advice and guidance on partnering and building effective relationships with other organsations.

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Activity 6.3.1 Identify Collaborative Opportunities

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