Funding Sources

There are many types of funding bodies and several funding models. Funding sources include:

  • Government funding (e.g., local council, state or federal funding)
  • Foundation support (e.g., general funds or project support)
  • Corporations and businesses (e.g., both financial support and/or in-kind contributions)
  • Philanthropic trusts and foundations (e.g., funding to pilot innovative services/programs)
  • Individual donors (e.g., both financial support and/or in-kind contributions).

Some organisations may also undertake entrepreneurial activities (e.g., fundraising drives, merchandise sales, and fee-based services) to generate capital. Although this resource does not address these types of revenue raising, the strategies outlined in the sections below also may be used to further develop these avenues of funding. 

The Database of Funding Sources and Resources lists over 50 organisations and resources which may assist organisations to identify potential funding sources.

Developing a Funding Strategy informs you about the benefits of taking a formal, structured approach to securing funding. When developing your funding strategy, aim to secure a diverse pool of funding support.

Building Relationships helps organisations see the ongoing value in continually building and nurturing relationships with external stakeholders.