How To Use This Resource

The FundAssist resource has been designed to help organisations and individuals:

  1. Develop strategies to reduce the stress associated with applying for funding
  2. Navigate the diversity of funding options available and understand how funding bodies allocate funding 
  3. Understand the essential components of a funding application and improve their writing skills. 

The website contains activities which may be completed by individuals or groups. 

The resource can be used as an instruction guide or as an interactive tool to:


  • En​ter text into the fields provided and/or complete the attached documents. If you download and complete an attached document, you will have to save this to your personal file.
  • Export these answers: You can export answers to the activities to a word document without saving to Your Funding Portfolio. Responses can be saved in your personal files.
  • Print this page: Users may print the page.
  • Save and continue to next step: Users may save their responses to a secure server before continuing to another section. You can export and print saved responses from the Your Funding Portfolio section.
  • Save progress: Users may save responses as they work on the page.


Before you use this website for the first time YOU MUST register. Register and/or login hereFor returning users, please go to the Your Funding Portfolio section to see the activities which you have completed and saved. Saved activities are indicated with a green tick. 

YOU MUST login each time you want to use the resource and to save and export your activities.

The resource can be used in its entirety or users can choose to focus on the sections and/or activities which are appropriate to their skill sets and needs without having to complete the preceding steps.

Common misunderstanding: Successful fund seeking involves multiple steps that commence much earlier than the actual writing of the application. The diagram below shows the crucial steps involved, and only one of these entails the actual writing of the application.

This diagram also provides the schema or map for the contents of the website.



This resource has been designed as a guide to assist you to prepare, write and submit your funding applications.

Please note: the use of this resource does not guarantee that you will necessarily be successful in your funding application. Success is dependent upon a range of factors including the funding body’s review processes and priorities and demands on available funds which are beyond the scope of this resource.