Submitting the Application

Writing funding applications takes time and resources. Often the application has to be written in a short period of time, putting pressure on everyone involved.

Things can go wrong and often do.

Some circumstances you can plan for, others you cannot. 

Things that you need to be aware of prior to submitting your completed application include:

  • Never leave it to the last minute
  • Check if the application can be submitted on-line. Always leave sufficient time for this as electronic 'glitches' can easily occur
  • If hard copies are required, check:
    • The number of copies needed
    • Whether they have to be stapled or clipped
    • Whether they have to be marked as 'master' and 'duplicates'
  • Regularly save your documents and do periodic back ups
  • Make sure the application has been signed:
    • Have an electronic signature for the CEO readily accessible
  • Make sure that you have included all attachments and that they are presented in a logical order and numbered if appropriate.

The table below provides a non-exhaustive list of things which may go wrong prior to submitting your application. You may want to use some of these suggestions when completing Activity 9.1.

What Can Go Wrong

  • The photocopier will: 
    • break down
    • run out of paper
    • jam.
  • Someone has started a large copy run.
  • There is no photocopier.
Computer & Network
  • Computer crashes. It keeps on crashing.
  • The network is slow. Getting slower.
  • The network is down. Will be up in an hour.
  • Water, coffee or tea is spilt on the computer. Oops.
  • Word keeps on crashing. Is the file corrupted?
​Electricity Black out.
Document Control/Management
  • You submit the wrong version.
  • American spelling.
  • Formatting.
  • Who has access? Who does not have access?
  • The document must be less than X mb. Your submission is 1 gigabyte.

Deadlines are made to be met, not broken.

  • A key person was here. Now they are nowhere to be found.
  • A person was to sign off. They are away.
  • Solution: Password protected signature?
  • Mobile goes flat. No landline.
  • Mobile gets dropped.
  • No money on mobile. No landline.
The website crashes
  • Password is required to access the funding site.
  • What is the correct time\ time zone\ postal date/ tender box?
  • Solution: Submit one hour earlier than required.
  • Copy/print the submission receipt.
Other potential disasters….
  • If attachments need to be uploaded, ensure that all items have been attached.
  • Stamps, envelopes, courier?
  • Are you dropping off the tender? Do you know where to go? Is there petrol in your car?



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Activity 9.1 Complete a Risk Assessment and Management Plan

Develop a plan to reduce the chances of any event occurring which may impact the successful submission of your funding application.

Make a list of all the things that could go wrong prior to submitting a funding application.

Consider the likelihood and consequences of the event occurring.

Plan how you can either prevent the risk from eventuating and/or develop strategies to reduce the impact of the risk if it does occur.

Assign responsibility to a staff member to ensure the risk is monitored and managed.

Write your risk assessment on the attached document.

Section_9_Activities.pdf (98 KB)

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