Checking the Application

Once you have completed your funding application, carefully check it, or better still have someone else check it for you to make sure that it meets the funder's requirements and answers all of their questions.

Assume there will be errors or omissions and look for them.


Checklists are an invaluable way to ensure that all required elements of the application have been completed, and are presented in the form and structure required by the funding body.

If applications:

  • Contain checklists, use these prior to submission
  • Do not contain checklists, develop your own. Ensure your checklist notes any deadlines, eligibility criteria, essential questions and requirements, evaluation criteria, and formatting and layout details.


Complete the activities below by en​tering text into the fields provided and/or completing the attached documents. If you download and complete an attached document, you will have to save this to your personal file.

You may also:

  • Export these answers: You may export your answers to the activities to a word document without saving to Your Funding Portfolio. Responses can then be saved in your personal files
  • Print this page: Users may print the page
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Activity 8.7.1 Your Submission Checklist

Either review the checklist you created in Activity 6.1.1 Develop a Checklist or use the checklist attached below to develop one now to make certain you have not omitted any key information or documents from your application.

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